I have returned…but for how long?



What have I and everyone else has done so far and the fellow bloggers I have come to know.

  1. Just did two performances last week, so I have a little more time to myself.
  2. JP & Hinano got married *claps*
  3. wah went to Japan and is still not in jail, he must be laying low.
  4. Animemiz went to Japan too, she has been very helpful to me so far.
  5. I have talked with Extrange from THAT, he is turning me on to older manga
  6. I’ve become a big fan of Radwimps, Ellegarden, Refused, and I started to get more involved in Vocaloid
  7. I watched Macross Frontier, OO, and some other series that I can’t remember right now.
  8. I am currently watching Eden of The East, K-ON, Valkyria, Basquash, and Saki
  9. I got my first two pedals: A Danelectro Milkshake, and a Boss DS-1
  10. Pangya was brought back, but there are still Brazilian faggots that just won’t die of cancer.
  11. I watched Training with Hinako and I loved it.
  12. Also my pairing side is becoming more evident, so is my 2D Complex.
  13. Kimagure has been a really great inspiration to me and a good friend.
  14. Digitalboy is my fellow perv and music lover.
  15. Totali left us which makes me one of the few shotas left in the aniblog community
  16. The Pangya team is all thriving even Alex with all this swine flu going around.
  17. Scott (animealmanac) is still a bit of an asshat
  18. Artefact is still kicking ass
  19. Mori is still very informative and knowledgeable
  20. And there is still no shortage of drama on twitter

If there is anything I forgot sorry

And to end my return post I will offer you some needed fanservice

moe 69538 akiyama_mio hirasawa_yui k-on! kotobuki_tsumugi pantyhose seifuku tainaka_ritsu ueno_chiyoko

Ritsu is my new Waifu

6 Responses to “I have returned…but for how long?”

  1. I should watch Training with Hinako, just for the lulz.

    • 2 aerojohn

      Exactly, who doesn’t know how to do a push up or sit up.


  3. 5 kimaguresan

    I’ll second that “FUCK YEAH RITSU”. I’m glad I inspired you to play video golf with a twin tailed loli XD.

    • 6 aerojohn

      You also inspired me to try and get a Hole in One in said game.

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