Baccano! A new favorite of mine and with plenty of violence.


Baccano Group

Baccano is basically is kind of like Higurashi but with happier endings. I also might add that it has subtle hints of romance. Hell I even had a slew of pairings by the end of the 10th episode. Maybe I liked this because it took place primarily in the 1930’s. I understood all the little culture references, especially the ones in New York.

But lets get to my internal monologue. I felt a connection with a lot of the main characters even Ladd, that psychopathic motherfucker I liked him. I also liked Claire also known as Vino, he had that sick and twisted sense of justice I just love and he also is actually a really decent guy once you get to know him. The fact that he was able to scare an immortal shows that he can’t be classified. Not only can he defy gravity like Michael Jackson (R.I.P. You awesome freak) but he can knockout Jack Dempsey. I’m glad that Chane fell in love with Claire, they make a great murderous couple.

Baccano 16 3

Claire has so much badass-idity in him.

Then there is Firo, oh Firo you’re also one of my favorites you greasy wop (Ya I can say wop because I am Italian). He just had that naive gentleman atmosphere to him. I’m also glad that he and Ennis got together in the end because look at them they look adorable together. Also believe or not I actually like Issac and Miria, if they weren’t so cute I would hate them.

This series also had a lot of violence especially the DVD version. But one complaint I have is why name the train “The Flying Pussyfoot”. Other than that I think this series is one of the most well done I’ve seen in a long time, I really didn’t hate any of the characters at all except Szilard, I hated that old fuck.

I leave you with this lovely piece of fanart.

Chane and Claire

Fanart by Kinu on Pixiv

2 Responses to “Baccano! A new favorite of mine and with plenty of violence.”

  1. I loved Baccano for its intriguing plot, original storytelling, and extremely sympathetic characters. I was so fascinated by it, I started doing a complete chronological timeline of the TV series. (I STILL haven’t watched the DVD episodes, epic fail.)

    • 2 aerojohn

      Don’t worry about the DVD episodes its only for if you had a pairing. But if they ever make another season I would definitely watch it.

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