K-On Character Albums

The Sustain!

The Sustain!

Its Yui’s turn! First let me say that it could have been better. Well then lets start, I will be doing this is list form so if you don’t like it tough shit.

  1. The moe voice was really annoying, it really doesn’t mix well the sound of a Les Paul.
  2. The guitar sounds like it used the Neck pickup, which is my preferred tone.
  3. (This one goes for all of the albums) Too cheery and upbeat.
  4. (This also goes for the rest of the albums) When they did Fuwa Fuwa Time they provided a four tracks that let you play along too with a Guitar, Bass, Keyboard, or Drums. Now why couldn’t they provide that on these albums.

Jazz Bass Time!

Jazz Bass Time!

Ok now its Madame Moe’s go. One thing I have to add is that for Yui’s, Mio’s, and Azusa’s albums they all use the instruments that they used in the show.

  1. It actually sounded like she used a Jazz Bass.
  2. The opening riff to “Heart Goes Boom” is very Nirvana, actually Krist Novoselic is a Jazz Bass user.
  3. This one is very well played and written, the lyrics aren’t as fluffy as Yui’s which is a good thing.

She actually looks really cute

She actually looks really cute

Now its time for Mugi-chan’s. This one was actually good too. It sounds like Mugi too. Also I love the artwork.

  1. Like all others the character’s instrument of choice is front and center and very visible and I must say the keyboard playing is good.
  2. The lyrics were a mix of Mio’s and Yui’s.
  3. What else is there to say.

Smells Like Loli Spirit

Smells Like Loli Spirit

So this album was alright too. It wasn’t spectacular nor dull.

  1. Once again they used their selected instruments, the guitar sounded very Mustang-y.
  2. It pretty much sounded like Mio’s with the rhythm of Yui.

We just had chocolate

We just had chocolate

Ritsu’s was very nice to listen too and very fun.

  1. The drums have the feeling like Ritsu is playing them which is the point of all these albums.
  2. And the songs are just fun to listen to.



This is my favorite out of all the albums. It just sounds so metal and not moe.

  1. This album is just proves that Sawako can be the wife of Krauser.
  2. It kind of has that Metallica, Anthrax, Megadeth feel to it which really got  my johnny up.
  3. And when you realize that this is also Kanako from Maria Holic its even more awesome.

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