Ookami Kodomo (Wolf Children) did not make me cry, seriously

Hey gurl. Hows you is?

Hey gurl. Hows you is?

First order of business, I would like to welcome back one of my favorite anime bloggers and my good friend: Seinime of ganbatte, the guy can write like nobody’s trust fund.

Now on to the review.

Ookami Kodomo no Ame to Yuki, otherwise known as Wolf Children, is a great movie filled with some of the most breathtaking animation I have seen in a long time. The background adds to the mood of the scene without standing out too much, which is just astounding because some of the scenery is so damn wondrous. The forest looks like it is filled with the life force that makes you understand why people dedicate their lives to the preservation of it. There is one scene where Hana (the mother of Ame and Yuki) is talking with the Wolfman (Ame and Yuki’s father) at night on a hill. The stars strewed across the night sky, the gradient in the horizon caused by the distant lights of Tokyo, all of this adds to the intimacy of the moment of when he discloses his secret, that he is a werewolf. This is one of my favorite scenes in the whole movie.

I really want to make this my wallpaper

I really want to make this my wallpaper

The soundtrack was fantastic because you kind of forget that it’s there but when you do recognize it you kind of wish you lived out in the Japanese countryside. It makes me want to go to Japan, buy the OST, and go to a Japanese forest (I would probably go to Aokigahara and loot some bodies). The arrangements make me want to transcribe and possibly butcher these pieces. My favorite was during the scene where they were playing in the snow, it just sounded so damn mirthful that it made me wish I was a little kid again. The movement in that piece did more for that scene than any amount of animation.

I want to cover them in white stuff

I want to cover them in white stuff

(I’m going to post spoilers because I don’t care)

I guess at this point I should just get to the story. The story is really good, I mean it I’m not just saying it so other bloggers like me. The story makes you feel for the characters and just warms your heart. Though I have to say that I predicted the ending by the middle of the second act. Plot-wise, I think this is a great story. But almost everyone on Twitter cried. Fang_tan of Loli Salad said she would cry again. The relationship between Hana and the Wolfman is really cute, sweet, and almost normal looking.

Except for the kinky wolf sex

Except for the kinky wolf sex

They just appear so fucking happy together it makes me want to vomit and cry, because I’m lonely. They just look like some young, happy, beautiful couple. The kind that make me want to kill myself. But that is besides the point. Now I guess you want to know why it didn’t make me cry.

I want this out of life

I want this out of life

I read the manga long before the sub for this movie came out so I was already prepared for what was going to happen for the most part, except the ending. But I did not cry at the end when Ame decides to become the new master of the forest. I saw it coming a mile away and I was prepared for that scene and this was basically my expression:

nodding gif

That is a nod of understanding not sarcasm

Nope. I did not cry at all (I’m dead inside anyway). But the one scene that made the last vestiges of humanity inside me  twinge was this scene.

Oh cool! New Fleshlight!

Oh cool! New Fleshlight!

This is the scene where Hana finds the Wolfman dead in the canal. This scene was not easy to read in the manga and it wasn’t any easier to watch. I did not necessarily cry but just had to let the movie play while I kept my head occupied with something else (converting hex into Two’s Compliment).

Yes Hana, they will stuff him full of semen from superlative men.

Yes Hana, they will stuff him full of semen from superlative men.

For those you don’t know, during my absence from blogging my father died. He was in and out of the hospital for a few months and during his last admission he was having trouble walking, he was already using a walker to get around by the time I started blogging, so they brought him to a nursing home so they can give him physical therapy. During one of our daily visits to the hospital he told me from his hospital bed that he was proud of me. That is the most sobering experience I have ever had. After we dropped him off at the nursing home we went back to the house. This scenario has happened before and he always came out just fine.

It was about 5 o’clock on a Saturday morning on September 15th and my mother wakes me up. At this point I knew something was wrong because this never happens. She tells me dad is dead. My first reaction was to hug her because I heard her voice shaking. She calls family members and I can hear her sobbing. My mother is an operating room nurse so she sees a lot of sad things on a daily basis and hardly ever cries so to see her like this was frightening. After we get there our former neighbors, who we are very close with, come in and after about an hour and a half we ask ourselves would my dad do, go out for breakfast. We go to a diner called the Chit-Chat which has these acrylic boxes on the table with cards that have conversation starters on them and my neighbor takes a card out and has a look on his face like he saw a ghost. He passes the card around and here it is:

Scary, ain't it?

Scary, ain’t it?

Not to bore you with the rest of the story but let us say that I blocked September 2012 from my memory.

Bottom Line

In closing I really enjoyed Ookami Kodomo and would recommend it to anyone if they’re a fan of animation or just a fan of movies in general. One important thing I did get out of the movie was a new OTP: SouheixYuki

By ハブキ

By ハブキ



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